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PROFF IM Solutions Inc. is a Canadian company based in Ottawa and a leader in providing fully integrated Information Management (IM) solutions to the private and public sector. Our mission is to provide the best in class, cost-effective solutions to meet your business requirements and work with you to ensure the projects are completed and implemented successfully to the maximum satisfaction and the benefit of your company.

PROFF Campus Manager Product Line 
"Standard: A cost effective way for a startup campus."
"Standard Plus: Standard version integrated with Payment services for accounting and finance."
"Professional (Colleges and Universities): Standard Plus version integrated with Leads management, Smartphone and student access to the portal. Student card printing, Inventory management for books and supplies, Exam Engine and Survey Engine. "

PROFF Campus Manager 
"Remove compliance headaches and increase enrollments through effective student management and automation."
"Stay focused on campus management and let us handle the administration functions of your institute with Campus Manager."
"Optimize operational costs and IT capital spending, Get into the cloud and access PROFF Web services for an affordable monthly service fee. "
"Generate T2202A tax forms, KPI reports, Prepaid unearned revenue reports and contract agreements that comply with PCC act. "
"Get into the CLOUD and use efficient Web services from PROFF anytime,anywhere 7 days a week."

Campus Manager fully integrated, feature rich, easy to learn WEB service solution that manages the complete life cycle of student administrative process from inquiries and leads to registration, payments, attendance, marks and transcripts, graduations and terminations. This cost effective solution will help start up campuses, small or medium and their management and the administrative staff to maximize the operational efficiencies and minimize the cost.

Campus Manager is fully compliant with all ministerial requirements and Private Career College ACT 2005 is used by more than 50 PCC campuses across Ontario. The following modules are integrated to give you one solution. Lead management, Registration management, Programs and Course management, Student Payments and Services, Marks and Transcripts, Attendance, Inventory management for books and supplies and Document management for tracking student and campus correspondences.

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