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PROFF IM Solutions Inc. is a Canadian company based in Ottawa and a leader in providing fully integrated Information Management (IM) solutions to the private and public sector. Our mission is to provide the best in class, cost-effective solutions to meet your business requirements and work with you to ensure the projects are completed and implemented successfully to the maximum satisfaction and the benefit of your company. Since 1997 PROFF has provided various IM solutions and services to the Govenment departments of Canada, crown corporations and private sectors. With latest state-of-art tecniques, PROFF provides unique cost effective solutions and services to manage corporate knowledge of records and documents.

PROFF Records Manager 
"PROFF Records Manager- A complete integrated cost effective solution to manage the corporate memory of records and documents.."
"PROFF Records manager is a comprehensive modern solution recognized for its feature-rich modules, its simple yet powerful administrative functions and an easy to learn user interface which promotes enterprise-wide adoption . In addition to our product being amongst the best, our clients and partners will attest that our support is second to none."


PROFF Records Manager efficient and effective user friendly Information management solution integrates several modules to-gether to provide unqiue solution in WEB and Client server environment. Main modules are identfied as Records management with business functions classification guides and retentions, File volume management and dispostions, Circulation Management to monitor and track file movements amoungs the users, Electronic document management to manager all e-documents with PROFF-X interfaces to save documents directly from MS outlook, word, Excel etc.. Docket management for correspondence tracking and workflows and Records centre management for Archival dispostion and box management.

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