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PROFF IMS - A complete integrated cost effective solution to manage the corporate memory of records and documents.

The solution is adoptable as a enterprise solution or entity solution for specific requirements.

This solution supports a sector or a individual department to organize, manage and keep track of corporate files, folders, boxes, documents.

PROFF Information Management Solution is a comprehensive modern solution recognized for its feature-rich modules, its simple yet powerful administrative functions and an easy to learn user interface which promotes enterprise-wide adoption . In addition to our product being amongst the best, our clients and partners will attest that our support is second to none.

Records Management
  • Support subject classification as well as project business functions in the same system.
  • Retention that are defined or applied to primary level will inherit automatically throughout the sub series.
  • Retention can be defined based on an event such as after legal review, Fiscal year end, Current year end etc..
  • The subject or project base classifications can be assigned to individual departments.
  • Access level security for end user can be defined for departments as well as records series, folders, documents and boxes.
  • When creating new record series, default volume, disposition date and bar code will be automatically created.
  • Project work files or favorite files can be created for ease of use for end user. This will avoid navigation though the classification guides.
  • User friendly interface ( three clicks) to view all relevant information such as records, files, volumes, boxes and documents.
  • Powerful search function to search files which also allows filter from the results set. All file properties are searchable.
  • Print classification guide for the relevant departments. Classification guides can be saved in PDF format.

And more…

Documents Management
  • Any document media can be maintained, Electronic or Paper. Electronic documents can be any types such as DOC,DOCX, XLS, PDF, etc..
  • Direct interface to capture and save electronic documents through MS WORD, OUTLOOK and other scanning devices.
  • Documents can be stored in database or external folder in shared network drive.
  • Documents also will inherit the same disposition date from the volume.
  • All properties in the document profile are searchable.
  • Security access levels can be define for documents.
  • Document management provide version control.
  • Keyword search is enabled for all document title and descriptions.
  • Annotations, citations, references and related documents can be defined.

And more…

Docket Management for Correspondence Management
  • Create urgent, 7 day, 14 day, 30 day- dockets for action and circulate among users for action.
  • Attach paper or electronic documents.
  • Track the action and comments from each action user.
  • Track and maintain the circulation history, action taken, action required by the user or a group.
  • In completion close the docket and put-away to the main record series classification.
  • Standard reports and statistical reports for past due, acknowledgements, action taken etc..

And more…

Circulation Management
  • Volumes, files can be checked out for the user or a client with reference to a request procedure or direct check out.
  • All status are maintained such as requested, submitted, checkout, wait-Q or reserved etc..
  • Generate a check out request report, user scanning methods to perform Check outs with reference to bar codes.
  • Statistical reports for the checkout history by user or item number.
  • Maintain out-standing check outs, recall notices etc..
  • Check-in functionality and put-away list.

And more…

Disposition Management and Box maintenance
  • Obtain disposition list for circulation and authorization from departments.
  • Box files volumes and folders.
  • Create automatic disposition dates for boxes based on the inactive retention cycle.
  • Sent boxes to archival, storage company or dormant area and maintain the box numbers and accession numbers.
  • Check out a files, manage circulation of boxes.

And more…

System Administration
  • Create and maintain User profiles.
  • Create and maintain Group profiles and access privileges
  • Security for components, modules, files, departments etc..
  • All system parameters and code values maintenance. User can maintain these values.
  • Audit trails for all user activities.
  • Supper user, Records administrators, clients and end user privileges.

And more…

  • Keyword search.
  • File, volumes and documents searches based on properties.
  • Wild card searches.
  • Search within the results sets (filtered Search).

And more…

  • More than 40 standard reports including disposition reports.
  • Statistical reports.
  • Additional reports request can be adopted.
  • Fully bilingual.
  • On-line help guides.
  • User manual.
  • System parameters.

Records Management
Retention Management
Disposition Management
Circulation Management
Document Management
Correspondence Management
Record Centre Management
Knowledge Management

PROFF X Interfaces

Legacy Systems
Direct interface to scanning devices
Direct interface to projects, tombstone applications

Market Sectors

Federal departments
Crown corporations
Law offices (Legal sectors)
Campuses and colleges
School Boards
Private sectors

Professional Services

Classification Guide setup
PROFF Customization
Interfaces to legacy systems
24X7 support available
Data conversion from other systems