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Featuring Proff 6.x

PROFF's client-server architecture provides a solid foundation to manage all your corporate records and information holdings in an effective and efficient manner. Its feature-rich modules and seamless integration allows an organization to use PROFF to meet its immediate and future requirements.

PROFF's support of project Business Functions within the corporate classification system enables instant filing of any type of corporate documents directly to the projects. This approach maximizes the staff productivity, saves costs and time. Most of all, PROFF's easy-to-use interface encourages end-users to file important corporate documents thus solving one of the major issue faced by organizations in the growing electronic document world.

PROFF's architecture migrates to latest Sybase development tools. Provide connectivity to ORACLE 9i, 10g and latest SQL database servers.

PROFF's Intelligent File Assistant to support & assist the end-user to file e-documents to the corporate IM structure.

PROFF's Explore to perform powerful document content searches with words and phrases.

PROFF's integrated knowledge search tool to extract, search and generate knowledge maps of the documents.

iPROFF the WEB client to view and maintain files and documents in the corporate memory.

Experience the power of PROFF!