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‘It is simple to use! We like the way Professor handles all our corporate documents. Favorite files function allows our staff to save the documents very easily to the Records management classification guide. Specially the E-mails from outlook 2000’.
(Supreme Court of Canada)

‘We like the PROFF X interfaces to Word & Outlook 2000 to capture and save our documents directly to the corporate database.’

‘PROFF has worked closely with us at all times, with a full understanding of our requirements and thus has been able to provide us with excellent support and service.’
(Canadian Institute of Health Research)

‘It’s very user friendly and easy to use. Our staff mastered the records management functions even before PROFF provided training.’
(Canadian Institutes of Health Research)

‘We are a small organization. Professor was the solution for our budget.
We are extremely happy for the support and services provided to us from PROFF’

(Genome Canada)


We use PROFFX interface to integrate our case file management tool with PROFESSOR Information Management Solution to automate the classification guide.’
(Supreme Court of Canada)

‘We use PROFFX interface to save E-mail and Word Documents directly from MS Outlook 2000 and MS Word applications.
(Canadian Institute of Health and Research)
(Genome Canada)


‘We use Professor Docket Management module for out correspondence tracking. We like the way Professor organize the tab pages for docket activities.’
‘It is very simple to use.’
(Canadian Institutes of Health Research)

‘We are planning to use Professor Docket Management module with our case file management tool’
(Supreme Court of Canada)

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